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Miguel angel martinez victims

Leave it to Netflix to gift us another true crime series we can't stop watching. On Aug. In episode four, "Sympathy For the Devil," the show interviews convicted killer Miguel Angel Martinez, the youngest person ever on death row in Texas — here's his story. Growing up, Martinez said his life was pretty similar to most teenagers: going out, going to parties, etc. On one afternoon he went to hang out with his school acquaintances, Miguel Venegas and Milo Flores.

miguel angel martinez victims

The three played video games, drank, and smoked weed, until Venegas decided he wanted to break into a stranger's house and do some damage. There are some discrepancies about what happened next. Martinez had a key to Baptist deacon James Smiley's house because he worked for him, and sometimes would sleep there. Martinez mentioned that perhaps Smiley thought he needed a father figure in his life. Martinez said the plan was initially to simply enter Smiley's house, steal some money for cocaine, and leave.

Venegas said that it was at this point that he suggested they just kill the guy, and that the other guys practically dared him to. Either way, the three men armed themselves with an ax and some knives in case Smiley was home. Flores dropped the two men at the house, and drove off. Venegas and Martinez looked into the windows of the house, and realised there were people sleeping inside.

At this point, Venegas announced that the devil wanted him to take these lives. Once inside, Venegas proceeded to take an axe to the first victim. After a few blows, he told Martinez it was his turn, and Martinez stabbed the victim once. Then, Martinez went outside to throw up.

Venegas continued on his murder spree, and claimed the lives of the next two victims, including Smiley. The aftermath is where things get truly complicated. The police arrived at the door of Flores's father, a district attorney, and explained that Flores had already been cleared of any wrongdoing, but that they needed to collect the ax that had been left on Flores's property.

When Flores's father asked his son why he was involved at all in this scheme, he told his father that they were just going to trash the house "to do something bad to someone who appeared to be good but was really bad. When the interviewers asked Martinez what this meant, he got very emotional and basically avoided the question saying, "There are some things I haven't completely dealt with.

Miguel Angel Martinez: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The members of his church, however, staunchly refuted that claim. In terms of the verdict, Martinez was immediately tried as an adult and given the death penalty, even though he was not nearly as involved in the murders as Venegas.That was the reason Miguel Angel Venegas Jr.

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A short time later the pair would escape through the back door of the house. This border city is no longer the domain of John Wayne and Randolph Scott-style archetypes, though. Laredo's Yet like so much of Texas, it still retains some of that true Wild West feel and spirit.

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Townsfolk still wear nine galleon Stetsons and mustangs still roam the plains. And while they may not use the gallows or a length of rope and a tree anymore, the state of Texas still kills its most itchy trigger-fingered cowboys. Thursday 17th, They played computer games, drank beers and got high.

The trio was having fun and doing what teenagers do until Miguel Vanegas began to get restless The livewire element of the group, Miguel Vanegas would often make the other two feel pretty uncomfortable with his impulsive spontaneity and unpredictable behaviour.

But he was fun and kept things interesting, so they never thought to ditch him. That night he was particularly tweaked and wanted to go out and cause a little trouble. Smash something up or rob someone.

The plan? Just in case Smiley was at home, Vanegas suggested the boys threaten him a little. Things were already looking like spiralling out of control. He took the opportunity to drive off and get the Hell away from what was going down What was going down? It seems the two boys really were working for the devil that night. And he soon found work for their idle hands to do Vanegas suddenly switched. He no longer wanted to rob and smash up the house.

He wanted to kill people. As he did that, a panicked Martinez suggested they leave. They had to murder the three people in the house.

With good reason - Satan wanted their souls.In Novemberin Austin, Texas, in an act of extreme rage, Waguespack killed his longtime girlfriendCatherine Dyer. He then fled to Mississippi but was arrested and extradited back to Texas to face murder charges. As part of his conditions, he was required to wear an electronic ankle bracelet; however, amazingly, a judge granted his request to remove the bracelet. This was despite the fact he had proved himself a flight risk by previously fleeing to Mississippi.

Non Necessary cookies to view the content. In Novemberjust a few days before his murder trial was to start, Waguespack vanished without a trace. US Marshals put him on their high priority most wanted list. Martinez is accused of killing his wife, a mother of four, on Christmas Eve in in Orange County. On the day of her murder, the children had heard the couple arguing in a locked bathroom. The year-old son of the victim saw his mother being strangled before finding her dead body.

Follow the links to read about more fugitives pursued by John Walsh and son Cal. The murder took place in North Carolina, but investigators believe Castillo fled to Phoenix, Arizona, before making his way across the border into Mexico. Worthen is wanted for murdering Alyssa Cannon and her 4-year-old son, Marshall, in Arkansas in June Opinion Recaps Reviews Interviews Explainers. Michael Waguespack is accused of murdering longtime girlfriend, Catherine Dyer.

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'I Am a Killer' Interviews Miguel Martinez and Miguel Venegas About Their Roles in Satanic Murders

These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Necessary Necessary. This is an necessary category. Non Necessary non-necessary. This is an non-necessary category.Please go to the website helpfreemiguelangelmartinez for all contact information. In August Miguel's case was featured in a Netflix series.

Now is the time to act. Miguel has been eligible for parole sine but has been repeatedly denied. Miguel is up for parole. Please see www. Click on the icon below for more information.

This documentary helped generate an international campaign that resulted in the death sentence being commuted to life imprisonment. At 17, he was the youngest person on death row. Please sign it! Another way you can help is to write a letter of support to the parole board. The address is:. Spread the word people!!!! We want supporters to use the hashtag freemiguelangelmartinez.

A lovely lady called Ricki Moore has set up a petition at change. We have also tweeted the link. Please share with on social media - we need to turn up the heat and show that he has A LOT of support.

A very busy month! We are working to a tight deadline - Miguel is due for parole October ! Campaign to Free Miguel Angel Martinez. Please go to www. This site was designed with the.Netflix Miguel Angel Martinez was the youngest person ever to be sentenced to death in Texas at the time of his conviction. Miguel Angel Martinez was the youngest person to be sentenced to death in Texas history, at the time of his sentencing. Inhis sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.

However, they were given very different sentences. Flores was freed from any punishment, as he never entered the house; Venegas was initially given 41 years of prison on three counts of murder he was 16 years old at the time of the murder, so his case bounced around for a while as the court decided whether to try him as a juvenile or an adult; he was eventually tried as an adultand Martinez was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death. Incredible episode of IAmAKiller netflix.

That was what joined us: smoking marijuana and doing cocaine.

miguel angel martinez victims

Milo and I had been there before a couple of times [to steal things in exchange for drugs. One of the victims was Laredo businessman James Smiley. Three people were suspected of having committed the crimes. Miguel Angel Martinez was quickly tried and sentenced to death. James Smiley was a youth baptist counselor who Martinez claims took an interest in him, even offering keys to his house. It was supposed to be what we had done before. Nobody home, go in and take something.

My thoughts were to get away…there was something that changed with Venegas. He was on a mission, and it was not to go steal anything…to him, he was on a mission from Satan.

The part that I remember is Venegas looking up at me and telling me it was my turn. Martinez explained that he began to stab the body, too, then walked away through a sliding door. When he came back, he told me there was a guy back there, and that Satan wanted their soul.

Am I the only person that sees the good in all people? In the master bedroom…the crucifix had been turned upside down. By Caroline Burke. Updated Aug 10, at pm. Published Aug 10, at pm. Miguel Angel Martinez was the youngest person ever to be sentenced to death in Texas at the time of his conviction.Not what you're looking for?

Try an advanced search. Download the entire decision to receive the complete text, official citation, docket number, dissents and concurrences, and footnotes for this case. Learn more about what you receive with purchase of this case. For Appellee: Jose M. Rubio, Jr. Appeal to this Court is automatic under Article On appeal, appellant raises twenty six 26 points of error, in which he argues that: there was insufficient evidence to find him guilty of capital murder; there was insufficient evidence to impose the death penalty; he was illegally prosecuted because of his race; his confession was inadmissible because of an illegal seizure; trial court errors during voir dire denied him an impartial jury; the State made improper remarks during closing argument; the trial court should have given an anti-parties charge during the punishment phase; a federal treaty prohibits sentencing him to death because of his age; and that he is entitled to a new trial because parts of the trial record have been lost or destroyed.

We will address the sufficiency points first and then analyze the others in chronological order. Specifically, appellant contends that his cohort Venegas forced him to participate in these killings. Appellant does not contest the fact that he intentionally stabbed and killed the third victim, Ruben Martinez, Jr.

The State, in response, argues that: "there is absolutely nothing. Venegas forced or coerced appellant to do anything. Viewed in the light most favorable to the verdict, the testimony at appellant's trial established the following: Around January ofappellant worked as an employee at an Arby's restaurant managed and partially owned by Smiley.

On numerous occasions during his employment, appellant borrowed Smiley's house keys to retrieve items from the residence where the murders were carried out, and even lived at the house for a short period of time after being evicted from the home of his parents.

Miguel Angel Martinez Is Prosecuted

At some time prior to January 17,appellant was fired from his job. On January 17,appellant and Manuel Flores spent the evening hours drinking at Flores' residence in Laredo.

Venegas arrived at the residence around midnight. Soon after he appeared, Venegas stated that he wished to "trash" somebody's house.

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Appellant responded that he knew a house which they could trash, and then asked Flores whether he could borrow a gun for the evening. Flores denied the request, explaining to appellant that all of his guns were locked in a safe. All three individuals then proceeded into Flores' bedroom. Appellant found a large dagger and a pocket knife in the bedroom, and he found an ax in a nearby storage room.

He asked to borrow all three, and Flores consented. Armed with the two knives and the ax, appellant and Venegas had Flores give them a ride to the Del Mar section of Laredo.

Appellant directed Flores to Smiley's residence. Shortly thereafter, appellant and Venegas entered the house. Duenez, Smiley, and R. Martinez were subsequently killed as they slept in three different rooms of the residence.

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Three days after the murders, appellant admitted to Flores that he had stabbed R.The motivation behind the seemingly random explosive violence remains shrouded in mystery. Each hour-long episode of the part documentary series profiles a different death-row inmate who was convicted of capital murder. K, Sky Vision Productions and Netflix teamed up for the true-crime documentary series.

Most Wanted: Miguel Angel Martinez

Drunk and high on cocaine and marijuana, the young men invaded the residence of year-old James Smiley, 33, a Baptist youth counselor. But things changed when Venegas was added to the group dynamic, Martinez asserts. At that point he was the one who called for an escalation to violence, according to Martinez.

Satan wanted their souls. Some of the facts surrounding the murders are unambiguous: Venegas used the axe to kill Ruben Martinez, 20 years old, who was sleeping on a couch. Miguel Martinez also stabbed that victim with a folding knife.

miguel angel martinez victims

Then Venegas went into two other rooms of the house, killing Smiley and year-old Daniel Duenez. But Venegas remembers the buildup to the slayings differently. On the night of the murders, Venegas said he got further proof of his Satan connection when his first victim woke up before the attack, looked at him, then went back to sleep.

And there was no way he and Martinez could back out of the murders, either. Venegas had previously denied Satanic influence as a motivating factor.

Flores never entered the house, and the three young men faced starkly different consequences for their roles in the murders.

In he made an armed escape from a juvenile-detention facility and crossed the border, but was recaptured in Monterrey, Mexico in In the courts determined that he would be tried as an adult, at which point he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 41 years in prison on three counts of murder. Martinez, only one year older, was immediately tried as an adult, convicted of capital murder, and sentenced to death.

miguel angel martinez victims

Inhis sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. Flores never went to prison. His father Manuel Flores, was a local attorney who served 20 years as a district judge, causing some speculation that connections to the law had saved his skin. The elder Flores acknowledges that the group of teens were together at his home and that his son had given Martinez and Venegas a ride into the neighborhood where they committed the murders. But says he wishes his son had the chance to clear his name.

And while the motivation for the crime remains a mystery, the grim determination behind the violence is unquestionable. Hale, who served as the lead investigator on the case for the District Attorney of Laredo. Miguel Martinez on "I Am a Killer. Tags axe murder death-row infamous killers Miguel Martinez Miguel Venegas murder. Never miss a story by signing up for the newsletter now. Please enter a valid email address.

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